Run E.E. Gordon's music classes for newborns and babies (children aged 0-5 years old)!
Acquire knowledge necessary to conduct lessons for the youngest (early music education) based on an innovative Music Learning Theory by Edwin Elias Gordon!


In the labour market, it's all about qualifications and skills enabling to work with kids which brings positive effects.

Irrespective of whether you run your own business or you are employed (or wish to be), it is important to stand for creative and verified solutions. Lessons using E.E. Gordon's theory are attractive both to parents and the children, and – based on research – feasibly contribute to developing music skills in kids.

So, working in accordance with this theory, you will fill your classroom with pupils (parents enjoy and recommend Gordon's music classes), you will gain the attention of nurseries/ kindergartens/ institutions specialising in extracurricular activities, and you become part of a greater good – supporting the development of children through music. 

Children learn to audiate, in other words, to "think musically". They learn to understand and use music the same way they understand and use language. Learning in this informal, structured way allows them to quickly and naturally learn music and is a great foundation for future music learning e.g. learning to play a musical instrument.

Gain qualifications  to run E.E. Gordon's music classes for the youngest thanks to the certified online course

If you are interested in E.E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory...
If you work with kids and you're looking for the most effective
way for developing them through music
...or you want to broaden your competences as a teacher and start conducting "Gordonki" classes

...than I have good news for You!

I have created the first online course which enables teachers to acquire new qualifications without leaving home in convenient time! And this means you can start your adventure with developing children musically in accordance with E.E. Gordon's theory today!

The course ends with a certificate. To get it, you need to send us a video recording of a class that you've performed with children.

The more so, as:

See why the ability to run E.E. Gordon's music classes will make you more attractive to the labour market

Imagine that you conduct classes, giving children what's best and, at the same time, you get fair remuneration.

When conducting gordonian classes, you:

support children's development through music, as they learn to audiate and think musically
you become more attractive to the labour market and can expect better price for your classes,
fill your classroom with happy kids and parents, as these classes are in demand
invest in your development and competences, and get more satisfaction out of your work.

Certified online course "Preparatory Audiation" would be one of the best career decisions for you if:

You are tired of conducting numerous classes for little money . You feel that your work could look different and give you more satisfaction

You want to know an innovative, proven, based on research way of supporting children's musical development, because you want to be a part of a bigger change

You want to secure more job opportunities because you know gordonian classes are sought-after and could open a lot of doors for you

You have at least the basic music knowledge or you are open to gain it

IIn this case, the online course 'Preparatory Audiation' is IDEAL for You, because, as opposed to other such courses, it is based on research and long-standing experience.

If you want professional support which will allow you the possibility to conduct unique classes which develop kids through music – my course is for You. I will show you, step by step, how to conduct E.E. Gordon's thoery-based classes, and at the same time how to expand the potential of each child. I have trained many teachers in this method – and now I can do the same for You.

Here are some opinions of our participants:

Joanna Kaźmierczak (mama 16 miesięcznego synka, pedagog, terapeutka, instruktorka rytmiki)

       ''The online course 'Preparatory Audiation' is a unique workshop for teachers, musicians, parents, music enthusiasts, and those who love working with children.

I am an educationalist and therapist, a happy mum for two years now. I know how important it is to support your child's development from the beginning. That's why I've decided to take part in the course. I was not dissapointed! The training is full of specialized knowledge, the content is easy to understand and introduced in a catchy form. Instruction videos by Mrs. Karolina are filled with practical guidelines in the field of kids' musical development. This course equipped me with usefull knowledge and certainty that what I do is good for my child and the children I work with every day.

If you want to invest in yourself, learn E.E. Gordon's theory, expand your knowledge in the area of developing children through music – this course is for You! I honestly recommend it.

Joanna Kaźmierczak (mum of a 16-month-old son, therapist, rhytmics instructor)

About the author:

dr Karolina Kizińska

Mum to 8-year-old Amelia and 2-year-old Jacob, Doctor of Cultural Education in the field of Music Research, music teacher, pianist, choir conductor, certified teacher of the E.E. Gordon theory with 15 years of experience.

The founder of Kompozytornia Music School (kompozytornia.pl), Fikamy i Gramy bez MAMY! Kids' Club and Fikamy i GRAMY! Kindergarten in Poznań, Poland, the owner of @Supermom Music Lab brand.

Awarded the Fulbright Scholasrchip to study at University of California, Berkeley, Music department.

Member of E.E.Gordon Association and The Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML), she teaches parents to develop their children musically, as well as teachers who wish to conduct gordonian classes.   

This is what you will learn during the course:

Module 1: Edwin Elias Gordon, MLT & Audiation (Value: $100). In this module you will get an introduction to the concept of teaching music to the youngest by understanding what it means to audiate.

Module 2: Types and Stages of Preparatory Audiation (Value: $50). In this module you will learn the types and stages of preparatory audiation that every child goes through while learning music

Module 3: Tonal and rhythmic patterns with examples (Value: $100). This module's aim is to show you a way of teaching music by presenting tonal and rhythmic patterns to children. We always separate melody and rhythm, so patterns are also divided. Patterns are second (after separate sounds) elements, that child is able to repeat and use for improvisation.

Module 4: Scales & Meters (Value: $50). In this module you will learn about different tonalities and different meters. E.E. Gordon;s MLT is based on creating a rich musical environment for children to be able to build their musical vocabulary.

Module 5: Introductions to scales & Leading tones (Value: $50). In this module you will learn how to properly give a context before singing a song, as well as how to emphasize the resting tone.

Module 6: Scales & introductions on the piano (Value $30). In this module we make sure you understand the concept of different tonalities and how to give a context to them by playing it on the piano.

Module 7: Few words on improvisation, base line & parents (Value: $100). In this module you will learn how to work with parents and educate them, why it is good to provide a base line to the songs during classes and what improvisation is & why it's so important.

Module 8: Your class & What to remember about (Value: $100). Here we talk about you as a teacher and your class - what should it look like, what it needs to contain, and ho to prepare for it.

If you join the course now you will get as many as 4 awesome bonuses!

Bonus 1: 3 full gordonian classes on video (Value: $150). No doubt this is the most valuable bonus of all. Learn by observing and analyzing full classes conducted by a professional! It's better than to see them in person - because you can go back as many time as you want!

Bonus 2: Access to a webinar 'Preparatory Audiation' (Value: $50). You can ground your knowledge by watching a webinar that sums up the most important information about teaching early childhood music classes

Bonus 3: Access to a webinar 'Live Gordonki class' (Value: $50). Another class for you! The more you watch the more you learn!

Bonus 4: Access to a private FB group (Value: $50)

By joining the course you also get access to my closed Facebook community, where along with other parents and teachers we share our ideas for musical play with children, support in bettering musical activities and in moments of doubt.

Join the certified course "Preparatory Audiacion":

8 video modules which provide essential information on the theory by E.E. Gordon and conducting lessons in line with his theory (Value: $530)
3 full gordonian classes and examples of tonal and rhythmic patterns (Value: $150)

My support and access via a dedicated FB group (Value: $50 PLN)

Workbook + additional bonuses and surprises! (Value: $150) + CERTIFICATE

Value of the entire course: $880

Special price of the course: $129

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How quickly will I learn to conduct classes?

The right answer is – it depends!

I'm not able to predict your pace and how accurately you follow the online course 'Preparatory Audiation'. What I can say is that during the last couple of years I was able to help many teachers. In most cases, you can start practicing conducting classes right after completing all modules and watching examples.

Question 2: Do I need musical education?

You need basic music knowledge. In the course, I use terms which may be unclear to you if you didn't have to do with music theory before. Alternatively, if you are a good singer and you have an urge to learn and conduct your own gordonian classes – you can acquire the necessary knowledge first.

Question 3: Do I have to be able to sing?

Yes, you do. The ability to sing on key (the right intonation) is crutial to conduct gordonian classes.

Question 4: How long will I have access to the course?

You have access indefinitely 🙂 (according to the Terms of use – for a year, in practice, as a bonus – indefinitely).

Question 5: What support can I expect on Your part?

I am known for caring for my clients and their outcomes. That means that at any time during completing the course you need my support, feel free to email me at kontakt@kompozytornia.pl.

Join my course for teachers!

Value of the entire course: $880

Special price of the course: $129 (almost 90% less!)

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