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Module 1
Edwin Elias Gordon, MLT & Audiation

Module 2 
Types and Stages of Preparatory Audiation

Module 3
Tonal and rhythmic patterns

Module 4 
Scales & Meters

Module 5 
Introductions to scales & Leading tones

Module 6
Scales & introductions on the piano

Module 7 
Few words on improvisation, base line & parents

Module 8
Your class & What to remember about



Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Amelka Patterns


Webinar #1

Webinar #2

dr Karolina Kizińska
Mom of Amelka (7) and Jacob (1), music teacher, pianist, choir conductor, certified MLT instructor with 15 years of experience. The founder of Kompozytornia Music School in Poznan, Poland, as well as of a music nursery and music kindergarten. 
Fulbright scholarship recipient at the University of California, Berkeley (Music Department). Polish Gordon Society member. 
Teaches how to conduct music classes for babies & toddlers using MLT.

Do you wonder how to recognize particular stages of preparatory audiation? See the examples!

         Jacob has just turned one and is already trying to sing. 
 We can see a random response („pam pam pam” said instead of sung) as well as purposeful response (characteristic glissando to reach the tonal center).
Because Jacob manages to sing the tonal center we are entering imitation. 

Amelka (age 5) is presenting tonal and rhythmic imitation patterns. If a child is able to repeat these patterns - the are in the imitation stage (breaking the code). If a child can also move and breathe while repeating these patterns - they are in the assimilation stage (coordination) 🙂

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